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Heritage Middle School Staff


Administrative Assistants

Instructional Support

Christa Peck ESL x 2962 
Scott Heeke Innovation & Learning Coach x 5673


6th Grade Academy

6th Grade Academy

Team A

Jacey Barnes ELA Ext. 2942
Sarah Brecheisen Math Ext. 2773
Trish Terry Science Ext. 2315
Marianne Fazzino Social Studies Ext. 2844

Team B

Dr, Tricia Falke ELA Ext. 2704
Tara Zuber Math Ext. 2118 
Susan Wilkins Science Ext. 2609
Kelly Minter Social Studies Ext. 2562
Learning Strategies    
JoAnn Carney   Ext. 2647


7th Grade    
Jill Hellevang ELA/Gifted ELA Ext. 2569
Kelly Dale ELA Ext. 2551
8th Grade    
Cristina Armilio ELA Ext. 2157
Alyssa Springer ELA/Computers Ext. 2230
Learning Strategies    
JoAnn Carney   Ext. 2647



7th Grade    
Angela Merenbloom   Ext. 2618
Diana Whitley   Ext. 2902
8th Grade    
Dr. Ramona Emery   Ext. 2593
Kristin Perkins   Ext. 2181



7th Grade    
Cam Hill Math Ext. 2127
Michael Kallal Math/PreAP Math Ext. 2673  
8th Grade    
Katie Garrison Math Ext. 2513
Kristin Smith Math/Apps Ext. 2316


Social Studies

7th & 8th Grade    
Carolyn Fulk   Ext. 2148
Kevin Goodwin   Ext. 2046
Kristen Mason   Ext. 2147
Jordin Willett   Ext. 2129





School Resource Officer


Library Media Center


Jill Hellevang Gifted ELA Ext.  2569
Rebecca Groebe  Gifted Science  Ext.  2068 
Amy LaPlant Gifted Math Ext.  2302 


PE & Health

Gina Lange Ext. 2433
Andy Schneider Ext. 2611
Saree Morley Ext.  2062
Ryan Stegall Ext. 6857
Todd Menzies Ext.  2347
Katie Dowden Ext.  2890


Fine Arts

Quinn Coats Art Ext. 2379
Jennifer Brunk Art Ext. 2430
Michael Dragen   Band/Speech   Ext. 2296
Andra Lewin Orchestra Ext. 2257
Brandi Amos Vocal Ext. 2114
Olivia Wheeler Theatre Ext. 2514
Jill Hemann Intro to Theatre & Debate Ext. 2580


International Language

Pamela Tholen  German Ext  2606
Jessica Brenton French Ext. 2229
Beth Hammons Spanish Ext. 2249
Veronica Falkner Spanish Ext. 2622


Practical Arts

Andrew Hoskins GTT Ext. 2594 
John DeBey Ind. Tech Ext. 2411 
Susan Newton Computers Ext.  2774
Jason Boldt Computers Ext.  2255
  Computers Ext. 
Yvonne Nixon FACS Ext. 2212
Kevin Goodwin Broadcasting Ext. 2046


Special Education

Kelsey Graber   Ext. 2809  
Kenneth Lenger   Ext. 7940  
Sally Rush   Ext. 7161  
Kelsey Stuff   Ext. 2178  
Lisa Hedges   Ext. 2436  
Stephanie McGill   Ext. 2081  
Peg Sisky   Ext. 6793  
Jerilyn Whitsitt Speech Pathologist Ext. 2419  


Building Tech